ALGARVE is the most South region of Portugal, about 2h30 from Lisbon and Sevilla (Spain). It is a region with a Mediterranean climate and known for the most beautiful beaches in Europe that has as background rocky cliffs.

Get to know the aromas and flavors of traditional Algarve cuisine - from fish and shellfish, to the famous cataplana or to the traditional mountain food, such as “cozido” of beans and cabbage. The range of offer reaches to known local delights, such as figs, almonds, carob and “medronho” – local brandy, distilled in the areas of the hillside in old copper stills.

Traveling across the Algarve you will find places of high ecological interest, rich in biodiversity and ecosystems still intact today with centuries of tradition.

A few steps away from the tranquility of the interior of the region, the lively Algarvian nights are in the coastal towns. Bars, nightclubs, marinas and casinos ensure the fun of the most revelers.

It is a region where the practice of outdoor sports is recommended, whether in the green golf courses, in the infrastructures that the region offers for physical activity, on the coast or in the Algarve mountains.

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10 reasons to visit Algarve

1. Ria Formosa
A humid zone of international importance, the Ria Formosa estuary is a labyrinth of canals, islands, marshland and sandy beaches that extend 60 km along the Algarve coast. The Natural Park of Ria Formosa organises various rides in a traditional boat that was formerly used for tuna fishing. The estuary area includes also extraction of salt and gathering of shellfish and bivalves (mussels, oysters, clams, razor etc), that can be enjoyed calmly in the seaside restaurants.

2. Silves
It was the capital of the ancient Arab kingdom of Algarve, and its most important city. That era gave it the largest castle in the Algarve. Its towers and walls perch on a Serra de Monchique hill, so it could monitor and defend the territory, and today it is one of the best viewpoints for looking out over the city and the region.

3. Monchique Termal Baths
Situated in a beautiful valley of the Serra de Monchique, in the mix of luxuriant vegetation and beautiful sunlight, this spa is an unexpected oasis of peace and tranquility and a genuine paradise for all those who visit it. The highest point in the mountains is the peak known as Foia, from where there is a magnificent view over a landscape full of contrasts.

4. Costa Vincentina
The coastal strip between Odeceixe and Burgau is known as the Vincentina Coast, and is a part of the Algarve, where the preserved nature has a strong, wild character, creating landscapes of breathtaking majesty. Beaches hidden between cliffs covered with vegetation have perfect conditions for surfing.

5. Beaches
The beaches of fine white sand are the hallmark of the region. Stretching as far as the eye can see, bound by golden cliffs or hidden between rocks, provide many stunning backdrops for unforgettable holidays. There are around 200 km of coastline that are perfect for all kinds of water sports.

6. Sailing
Yachting enthusiasts are guaranteed to find great support infrastructures in the modern marinas spread along the Algarve coast. The Marinas and Yacht Harbors offer all the amenities and services you might need and have many opportunities for fun and recreation that make them great entertainment centers in the areas in which they are located, also attracting many visitors arriving by land.

7. Water parks
In Algarve there are water parks which guarantee moments of great fun under the generous Portuguese sun. The pools and slides for all tastes, tubes, tunnels and slopes, Jacuzzis and many other ways to captivate you, whether you’re seeking more radical sport or a quieter experience without so much adrenaline. Some also have animals, be it to admire them or get to know them better, playing with them in the water.

8. Golf
The courses are spread from one extreme of the region to the other. By the beach or further inland, flat or hilly, the choice is varied. The Portugal Masters is part of the PGA European Tour and has been held at the Oceânico Victoria in Vilamoura since 2007. But the Algarve is also for beginners. There is a wide range of Golf Academies with an international reputation spread across the region, where you can take your first steps or improve your golf technique.

9. Via Algarviana
Cycling or walking - discover a completely different Algarve – nestling in its green and peaceful hinterland are traditional villages and spectacular landscapes. Marked with signs and interpretive panels, this footpath is known as the “Via Algarviana” and runs across the region from east to west. The path has its origins in an old religious trail followed by pilgrims heading for the Sagres promontory.

10. 365 Algarve
It is a cultural programme that is intended to complement the traditional range of tourist activities on offer in the region. The programme comprises over a thousand presentations of music, dance, theatre, exhibitions, activities involving the region's heritage, and much more. Visit the Algarve and do not miss the event programme that brings life to the region throughout the year.