North Portugal

The North – the region of three districts – Douro, Minho and Tras-os-Montes. Each of them and all together present a rich cultural, historical and landscape heritage. This region aggregates several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Douro is known as the origin the Port wine. The region with its impressive wineyards on extraordinary terraces presents unforgettable landscape that can be appreciated from the ground – travelling by train, by bus or even walking and from the water – during a cruise on the Douro River.

Also you may find hidden pearls like Guimaraes – the place where Portugal was born, with its unique medieval ambience!

Minho has unique characteristics associated to a natural landscape of enormous beauty and biodiversity, which mix with historical towns and unforgettable places. Enjoy numerous beaches, green mountains and masterpieces of traditional and modern architecture, festivals, handcraft, gastronomy and Vinho Verde “the green wine”.

Tras-os-Montes is the interior North of Portugal. Rusticity of untouched historical villages, traditional dishes and the genuine hospitality of a people proud of their customs, makes this place one of a kind.



10 reasons to visit the North

1. The origins of Portuguese Culture
They say Portugal was born in the North. Follow historical routes and visit the places which influenced the development of Portuguese culture and tradition – Guimaraes, Braga, Barcelos among others.

2. The Roads to Santiago
If you would like to follow the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims, there are several possible routes from Porto towards Santiago de Compostela. Perfect for hiking or to follow by car.

3. Almond tree road
In February and March, take the almond tree route, a train route between Porto and Pocinho, complemented by three road journeys, to see the horizon covered in a snow-like mantle. Legend says that the almond trees were found in Portugal even in the times of the Moors. A young king commanded the cultivation of the almond to gratify his Nordic princess, who missed her snowy homeland.

4. Historic Steam Train
Discover the secrets of Douro by the Steam Train - a charismatic steam locomotive with five historic carriages that will go from Régua to Tua station.

5. Culinary tradition of smoked meats
North Portugal has rich culinary tradition where the sea, the hills and the mountains determine the flavors. The region is known of “alheira” sausages, and the most famous “Mirandela sausage” has earned an almost mythical status, among other regional smoked sausages – “salpicão, “butelo” and chouriços.

6. Grapes harvest activities
The harvest is a unique experience. In September and October you can participate in grapes harvest to get to know from the inside a tradition that has been passed down through several generations. There are lots of regional festivities connected with the tradition of grapes harvest.

7. “Green wine”
"Vinho Verde" is a unique, refreshing product, which undeniably characterizes the region. North Portugal is is the birthplace of the emblematic variety Alvarinho and the producer of unique blended wines, having celebrated one hundred years of demarcation in 2008.

8. Golf
Enjoy professional courses with a mild climate, fresh mountain air and breathtaking views. You will be amazed with perfect conditions all year long. There are over 20 courses to choose.

9. River sports in Geres
Challenge the whitewater and the strong rivers. Wheatear you are looking for adventurous rafting, canoeing or relaxing kayaking, you will find it all in Geres.

10. Cruises on the Douro River
Spend one or more days on a boat trip. You can take a short trip on a rabelo boat or spend a few days aboard a boat-hotel. Doesn´t matter which you choose, you will get an unforgettable experience.